Getting Your Death in Order – Helpful checklists so your family isn’t left guessing.

Getting Your Death in Order – Helpful estate planning checklists so your family isn’t left guessing!


Could you imagine being put into a situation where you are asked whether or not to resuscitate a loved one, but not knowing what there wishes are? The burden of making that decision without supporting documents could haunt you forever.

After all, estate planning in many cases, is more for our loved one’s than it is for us… we will be gone after all right?  While this is true, there are also many selfish reason why you want to get your estate plan in order: privacy concerns, incapacity decisions, access to finances during incapacity, leaving a legacy, and many others.  Your decisions to stay on top of your estate planning today, will save your loved ones, appointed fiduciary (executor, trustee, power of attorney) from a major headache.

Here are 6 checklists you definitely want to make sure you have completed…  If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones (and the appointed fiduciary).


  1. Power of Attorney – Estate Planning Checklist Power-Of-Attorney-Checklist-2.0
  2. Advanced Directive (Healthcare) – Estate Planning Checklist  Advance-Directive-Checklist-3.0
  3. Financial Accounts & Assets – Estate Planning Checklist Checklist-Financial-Accounts-&-Assets
  4. Funeral Pre-plan – Estate Planning Checklist  Pre-Plan-Own-Funeral-Worksheet-2.1
  5. Digital & Online Accounts – Estate Planning Checklist Digital-Online-Accounts-Worksheet-2.0
  6. Information about your Home – Estate Planning Checklist  Checklist-Information-About-Your-Home


EEA’s Estate Management and Fiduciary Service Checklist (Estate Plan)

Are Your Affairs In Order

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